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Jun 10

you shall go to the ball, said the wild things

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At some point ages ago I tried to write a thing about comfort pop, after listening to ‘Fight For This Love’ 28674987 million times on repeat but ultimately, saying ‘some songs are quite pappily nice and occasionally necessary to avert a mental breakdown’ is nothing new. There may yet be some distance in the genre, though: I read an article awhile ago about Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ which said that in times of economic strife songs with more uniform beats chart, making the success of such a steady song a major indicator of the recession (as opposed to, y’know, the recession being a major indicator of the recession but nevermind) and I don’t think that’s necessarily wrong. Equally, it’s probably not statistically unlikely that the biggest popstar to emerge out of dire times is not some miserabilist twat with a guitar moaning about having to get a real job but a great fairy godmother who calls her devotees ‘little monsters.’ And one of the biggest songs for the last 18-months has been the decades-old ‘Don’t Stop Believin” by hoary rockers Journey- not necessarily because of, since it seemed to be having a slight renaissance before it but certainly in association with a show about losers.


Pop World Cup 2010: Third Place Play-off – Honduras 0 Cameroon 3

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There are no losers here. Each Pop World Cup manager set off on a crooked path some months ago, and to fall at the penultimate hurdle cannot be counted as shame. Rather, let’s doff our caps at the achievements of both these two. Carsmile Steve, whose management of Honduras will stand as a truly great example of underdoggery, both cheery and plucky. Weston, whose Cameroon teamtalks have brought an entirely new flavour to international Pop Football – and he’s going out just as he went in (and out) – in a bleeding great blaze of glory.

There’s a purity about the third place play-off: winning doesn’t mean so much, it’s pop football played for its own sake. Plus, of course, it’s an amuse bouche ahead of tomorrow’s main course.

This match closes at midnight on Sunday 13th June