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Jun 10


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#606, 9th April 1988, video

The Pet Shop Boys’ last and most unexpected Number One is also their most stripped-down, in texture and mood – “Heart” is a synthpop love song of uncomplicated devotion. They wrote it for Madonna, apparently, but never offered it to her. Understandably, you might think – there’s not very much to play with here, little of the edge or contradiction Madonna laces her material with. But it might easily have worked for one of italo disco’s sweetly blank divas, or one of the colder modern students of pop, a Sally Shapiro or an Annie maybe.


Glastonbury Festival Weather Forecast Forecast 2010*

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Given the demise of glastoweatherwatch and glastofestivalforecast and no obviously googleable replacement by some other person with too much time on their hands, I’ve been having to look myself at the assorted forecasts, to see if we can predict what the forecast for Glastonbury will be!

Dear old metcheck have gone a bit funny this year, I can’t seem to get their events page to work at all, although their 14 day forecast is working OK.

The Weather Forecast says the back end of June will be “fine and settled”. Interesting that the ad in the middle of the page is for numerology, maybe we should just get a reading from them for the forecast…


Pop World Cup 2010: Second Semi Final – Nigeria 2 Cameroon 0

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The big story of this Pop World Cup, it’s been said, has been the exceptional performance of the African teams. Almost half of the quarter finalists, fully half of the semi-finalists, all drawn from Africa. Only one can make it into the final, though: the vagaries of the draw has meant that the great African showdown will take place right now, in the semis. Two unstoppable forces head to head here, Matt DC’s Nigeria, as strong and consistent a team as we’ve seen this time, against the more mercurial opposition of Weston Debevec’s Cameroon. Rivals and neighbours, this match must stand as a celebration of the genuinely great African pop we’ve heard throughout the tournament.

Please note that the time for voting on this match is one day shorter than usual: the semi-finals are timed to end together at midnight on Sunday 6th June