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Apr 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Round of 16 Match 1 – Nigeria 3 France 2

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Now the massive popglut of the final group stages is over, we return to a more sedate pace, though the pressure is by no means off the managers. Big beasts are everywhere. There are no easy games at this level, and there are no second chances. This is particularly true given that 50.01% is a winning score from now on (the procedure for precise 50-50 finishes is to be published later).

In our first game of the Round of 16 (swapped into being the first for administrative reasons, sorry for any confusion), we see a mighty clash between to much-fancied competitors: The Lex’s France against Matt DC’s Nigeria.

Fifteen more games. Thirty more songs. The excitement is growing.

This match closes at midnight on Sunday 2nd May