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Apr 10

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update 2 – The Votening

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Here’s another chance to catch up on the busiest part of the Pop World Cup, with all the voting for Groups E F G and H in one handy place…


Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – E F G and H

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Sixteen songs in thirty minutes! It’s like lunch in a pill. Roger Bozack and Peter Baran race through this week’s jam-packed schedule to bring you foreshortened highlights of some matches and extended musing on others. This week the Federacion de Football de Pop Eff Ayyy (I think I’ve got that right) has sent its administrative adjutant, Tim Hopkins, along to share with us his juicy behind the scenes secrets. We cover Denmark v Japan, Cameroon v Netherlands, Slovakia v Italy, Paraguay v New Zealand (though Paraguay’s effort is hampered by bitrate injuries), Portugal v Brazil, Korea DPR v Cote d’Ivoire, Chile v Spain and Switzerland v Honduras all get a look in. Whew! You can vote on them all in this handy post. Next week is a clip show.

Produced by Elisha Sessions.