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Apr 10

M/A/R/R/S – “Pump Up The Volume”/”Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)”

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#598, 3rd October 1987, video

“Kept the hooks flying so fast that it sounded like a pop radio hit”

This entry is constructed around ‘samples’ of other people’s blog posts or writings mentioning “Pump Up The Volume”. Even saying that feels absurd and a little pompous – they’re just links, right? In the way that samples now are just… samples. If you listen to 21st century pop you experience them as content, not as process, with the occasional exception – Girl Talk for instance. But “Pump Up The Volume” got at least some of its power from the sample-as-process, the surprise and delight of cut ups, that videogame sense of micro-events coming at you in random attack formations.


Pop World Cup 2010: Group A – France 1 South Africa 1

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Real Actual Crunch Time here, in the first real decider of the tournament. South Africa only need a point to be sure of qualification but France are in a mathematical nightmare. They could win and still go out, or lose and go through, depending on what exactly happens in the other match, every percentage point and vote will be absolutely vital, even South Africa aren’t through yet! Due to the incredibly high standard of play across the competition this is something we’re going to have to get used to over the next fortnight, and I can’t help thinking there may be some tactical voting from the managers and their supporters…

This match closes at midnight on Sunday 11th April


Imperial Stout Tasting Science 2010

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A thirsty band of FT contributors gathered this Easter weekend with one aim in mind – to sample and report upon the delights and disappointments of a collection of one of the finest traditional beverages: Imperial Russian Stout.

We decided not to liveblog it – lest the laptop fell into the Wrong Hands – however be assured that the following comments are a true and accurate representation of the tastes and terrors that befell us.


Pop World Cup 2010: Group A – Mexico 2 Uruguay 2

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Here we go then, this is where it all gets hectic, and the calculators come out to decide who goes through to the round of 16 and who gets sent home. We’ll be doing TWO matches per day, so that, as in the football based world cup, the groups finish at the same time. First up it’s Group A, with both Mexico and Uruguay dependent on the other game’s result, and the Mexicans in particular needing a stonking win to advance, we should be in for a rollicking tie.

This match will close at midnight on Sunday 11th April