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Apr 10

“The Eleventh Hour” Reviewed By Lytton, Age 3 1/4

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eyeful tower moar laik

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I can’t quite parse Anish Kapoor’s expression here, but some of those other smiles seem a little forced.

via comments at Blood and Treasure. Better views of Kapoor’s Orbit here

My Year Without Film: It Takes Two To Make A Film Be Right

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(It takes three to be banished from my sight)

So why haven’t I seen any films this year*? Beyond the FilmX reason, I blame James Cameron. Perhaps it is a bit of an over-reaction to boycott ALL films because the self styled King Of The World finally deigned to make a film after ten years, but what a film. Avatar, and its rubbish font, has been so all encompassing that someone has to take a stand. And don’t scoff, I didn’t see Titanic in the cinema, and he didn’t make a film for ages. So me boycotting Avatar has form.

What I am boycotting is not so much the blue anthropomorphic noble savage bobbins of the extravagantly long movie. I am not even boycotting Sam Worthington not being digitally edited out of the film, even though it was clear from Terminator Salvation that he was as wooden at Harrison Ford’s pre-movie career material of choice.


Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – G and H

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A brace of forward play and rasping cross-field action awaits as Peter Baran joins Roger Bozack via satellite for Brazil vs Cote D’Ivoire, Portugal vs Korea DPR, Honduras vs Spain, and Chile vs Switzerland, as well as a guest appearance from 1986 Pop World Cup finalists, Italy, with Raggio di Luna and “Comanchero”. As broadcast on Resonance FM 104.4 on April 3 2010.

Produced by Elisha Sessions.