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Mar 10

The Top 100 Tracks Of All Time: 18. The AlkoholiKs – Only When I’m Drunk

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The AlkoholiKs – Only When I’m Drunk: A review by Alix

I liked this song in 2003 or sometime in the past when this list was compiled and I was mostly drunk. I do not look back on this period in my life with much fondness or pride (or clarity), and can only apologise to my friends and society in general for suggesting this track as part of the Top 100 Songs (I’m not even sure I did suggest this, almost certainly, I was drunk).


Alcohol is in its DNA

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Matt tweeted this cheeky little fella a while ago as the worst drink ever:

Alcoholic Spring Water. Are we assuming that some clever account exec noticed that “people like to drink water?” “Water, its the beverage that goes with everything”. Imagine an extra tap in your house, Hot Cold, Bouzy. Move over Mariah Carey and your bath of Evian, I want to have a bath in DNA Alcoholic Spring Water.


Pop World Cup 2010: Group F – Slovakia 0 Paraguay 3

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This match could be transformative for one of these teams. Slovakia emerged from their first game with nothing, after hoping to win, while Paraguay were utterly befuddled by Italy’s revolutionary tactics in a 0-0 draw which attracted massive press coverage. The question really is who will deal best with the pressure?

Voting on this match finishes at midnight on the 31st March.