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Mar 10

Pop World Cup – Find Us On Resonance FM 104.4

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Fans of the Radio Roundup, do not despair – we haven’t gone away entirely, we’re just moving to Resonance FM 104.4 on Saturdays at 4pm, where we’ll be covering the matches currently in progress instead of giving you results on songs you already heard and voted on like a week ago.

If you’re in London you can tune to 104.4 on your FM “dial” and see if you get anything; everyone else can get the live stream at Resonance FM‘s web site.

So once again, that’s Saturdays at 4pm on Resonance. See you there!

PET SHOP BOYS – “It’s A Sin”

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#593, 4th July 1987, video

Neil Tennant does not have a weak voice but it is a thin one, with a limited range, and a lot of the Pet Shop Boys’ effectiveness comes from how they work with and around that. It means, for example, they can’t often surrender to euphoria like the hi-NRG and house music they’ve drawn from. The voice seems to work best at a distance from the sound, which meant they were regularly labelled ironists. But often the distance isn’t the knowing detachment of the commentator, it’s a felt, painful gap born of self-knowledge. No other pop star I can think of has had so many hit singles about self-reflection: looking back, considering ones life and its successes and failures: “Being Boring”, “Left To My Own Devices”, “Can You Forgive Her”, “Always On My Mind” even. Tennant is like some sort of Marcus Aurelius of pop.