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Mar 10

Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 6

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Our Group F round-up sees Roger Bozack still Missing In Action (or Mr Inaction as his wife calls him) so iPete Baran and Steve Mannion continue their coverage in South Africa. The metal hell of Italy vs Paraguay, the sweetness of New Zealand vs Slovakia. Pete is joined in the studio by New Zealand manager Steve Mannion for inside information on team selections and quaking in fear at the italian entry.So join Baran and Mannion for all the highlights and results.

magic bus out of the kitchen sink

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a piece i’ve often wanted to write has been something about the switch from dourly puritan late-50s stasis (back-to-backs you will never escape) to slippy mid-60s mobility: this — possibly deluded — urgent new sense that you could get a beatle-shaped ticket to ride out of grim-up-north nowhere down into swinging bedsit london (a city which rarely features in the kitchen sink canon: up the junction? the ipcress file?), and, who knows? become whatever you wanted to be…! this 1969 series being a touchstone fragment of whatever you’d want to call the relevant realism, except i can remember nothing whatever of the actual programme, only the pentangle theme music…

Pop World Cup 2010: Group H – Spain 2 Switzerland 0

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The last of our 32 teams take the field of pop: Spain open their campaign against Switzerland. Spain’s Alberto is new to pop management at this level: his opposite number in the Swiss dugout is Greg Fanoe. Good luck to them both!

Voting for this match closes at midnight on the 11th March.


“Shiny Shiny”: Annotations

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Shiny Shiny is an Pitchfork column by me about a fictional “CD Revival”, consisting of interviews with four of the movers and shakers in said revival and some editorial around that. Fictional because the column supposedly dates from 2022. Go and read it first!

This blog entry is an explanation of some of the references and underlying assumptions behind my little bit of sci-fi journalism. If the piece doesn’t make sense without it, I’ve failed, but it will hopefully be of interest to anyone who did enjoy the column.