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Mar 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group H – Chile 1 Honduras 3

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Group H begins with an intriguing clash between the relatively unfancied Chile and the relatively even more unfancied Honduras. Points on the board important here – both sides have experienced pop managers: Chile has turned to Jel, whereas Honduras have hired veteran gaffer Carsmile Steve.

This match ends at midnight on the 10th March – please listen and vote!


MADONNA – “La Isla Bonita”

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#589, 25th April 1987, video

Madonna’s appropriation move into Latin pop is a tightrope walk between corny and respectful: on the one hand an arrangement which packs in every Hispanic signifier bar a finishing “Ole!”, on the other a performance that has far more authority, conviction and love than her last excursion into pastiche. “La Isla Bonita” on paper looks like the most awful quesa – but right from “Last night I dreamed of San Pedro” it goes in a different direction, a reverie full of the real ache of missing somewhere beautiful – there’s something close to dread in her voice.