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Mar 10

Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 5

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Our Group E round-up sees Roger Bozack off to cover the Pop Winter olympics so it falls to analyst Pete Baran to helm the coverage in South Africa. The first all Europe tie, Denmark vs Netherlands, followed by the very intriguing Camaroon vs Japan. Pete is joined in the studio by New Zealand manager Steve Mannion, and between them they raise the spectre of Amy Winehouse, the Sultans of Ping and of course, up from the depths, thirty storeys high, Godzilla. So join Baran and Mannion for all the highlights and results.

Pop World Cup 2010: Group G – Brazil 0 North Korea 4

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Group G’s second game sees Brazil take on North Korea. Brazil are the most successful side ever in the football World Cup – in pop competition they are more of a sleeping giant, and it’s down to Chris Ambrose to revive their fortunes. As for North Korea, it’s been more than 40 years since anyone in the West has even seen them play: Mark Sinker is the spokesperson for their management team.

Despite formal protests from the DPRK’s representatives we will still be using the concept of “voting” to decide the outcome of this match. You have until midnight on the 8th March.


Why 6Music Should Become Radio 2Extra

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1. We know that even before the BBC’s strategy document recommended 6Music’s closure, the BBC Trust had asked for changes to the station. The Trust felt it should be playing less new music (down from 50% to 30%) and should be attracting a more diverse audience – older people, more women, more ethnic minorities. Perhaps mindful of the fact that previous attempts to diversify – the George Lamb affair – had led to accusations of 6 losing its identity, the Trust suggested changing the remit of the station to one celebrating “the alternative spirit in popular music since the 1960s”. (Previously there was no mention of ‘alternative’.)