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Jan 10

What happens when there’s no Grand Designs on

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Readers, I have spent today in the proverbial bin. Even a very large quantity of fry up could not prevent this and it is with some trepidation that I keep remembering I am going to have to put my hair under running water for awhile at some point. However, Mark’s also gone out and so rather than being able to mope around complaining that I’m dying, I’ve had to attempt to distract myself with television, the internet’s rigour having been deemed too challenging right now. Somehow, this seems to have turned into “watching the entire of Wartime Kitchen and Garden” on whatever channel 19 of Freeview is. In an effort to pretend that this was in some way important research and not just me secretly quite enjoying it, I feel there are a few points I should bring up regarding this, in case anyone else too ruined to roll over and switch off the telly until the channel actually went dead for the night has also been pondering these serious issues.