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Jan 10

Snow White Goat Cheddar (Cheesy Lover INTERCONTINENTAL #1)

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I don’t know a huge amount about US cheeses. They’re not widely available in the UK – it’s a long way for a cheese to travel. So when a friend was spending Christmas in the states, I begged for some cheese to be smuggled back with her.

Snow White Goat Cheddar

This is a hard cheddar cheese, made in Wisconsin from pasturised goats milk

Cheddar made from goat’s cheese seems incorrect, but of course I can’t wait to taste it. The block I have doesn’t gleam like the snow outside, but it’s a very pale off-white. It’s opaque in the centre, and turns slightly translucent towards the crumbly brown rind. There’s also some greeny blue mould growing on the underside, but I believe this to be an unintended addition.


MADONNA – “True Blue”

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#577, 11th October 1986, video

Musically, if the Madonna brand stands for anything it’s for smart, up-to-date club pop. But there’s often been a side to her that’s attracted to pastiche, as if she wants to prove she can take on styles way outside her era and range and master them as slickly as she dealt with freestyle, R&B, and electronica. “Hanky Panky”; the Evita incident; and this bouncily backwards-looking girlpop tribute.