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Jan 10

The Dark Matter Of Pop

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I have a new (fortnightly) column in the Guardian – the first instalment is here. I posted that link on Tumblr last night and The Lex left an interesting comment, which I’m going to excerpt:

“Illegal downloading is v much an elephant in the room here! Obviously there are no facts and figures but it’s so easy to find any given song for free – and almost all the time, way before it’s available to buy legally – that I really assume illegal downloads of singles vastly outstrip legal downloads. (And obviously there are plenty of demographic factors at play here too.) And that’s pretty much why I can’t take the charts seriously as a gauge of popularity.”

I know exactly what Lex means, but is he right to say “obviously there are no facts and figures”?


This Is No Place Like Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes does give the reviewer plenty of options on the Holmes based puns. In probing the homoerotic subtext we even get the Guardian crying about Holmesophobia (nice work – cheers). And all of this is hung on some sort of idea that the film either is, or isn’t, faithful to the source and that this is important. My take on this is as follows:
a) It is not important
b) It is not that faithful
c) It is as faithful as other versions
d) It is very entertaining.

And d) is what matters right? So what has surprised me in reading reviews, particularly British reviews, that fiathfulness to the book be damned. FAITHFULNESS TO LONDON is to be demanded. And whilst much has been said about them capturing a certain kind of grimy historical Victoriana, they lose every humanities brownie point for all of its assaults on geography.