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Dec 09

FT Advent Calendar Of Free Online Games: 11th December

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You can do pretty much anything with a flash game these days (except right click – grrrr.) But while there are no end of action games which work, I always seem to be drawn back to educational puzzle games. There are no end of build’em ups and engineering sims out there. So for today, I be looking for as much authority from my online games as possible. And this kind of set-up doesn’t get more authoritarian. Look at this furniture:


Four quick nibbles (cheesy lovers #51 – #54)

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Washed rind cheese, from Switzerland, bought from Kaseswiss.

My wedge of rubloz is pretty pungent, soft and squishy.The inner paste’s a pale creamy grey colour, and it’s coated in a darker biscuit-coloured rind. The rind is thick and feels crumbly. The cheese has a good strong whomph of washed-rind sockishness. Aside from that, it’s sweet and toffee-ish, mellow and creamy, a slight bit yeasty, but with a hint of bitterness underneath. There’s a bright fruity strawberry acidity that takes me by surprise, and really brightens up the cheese. Cheese-eating companion declares that this cheese looks like pie and smells like a wet dog. (He likes both pie and dogs very much.)


HAUNTOGRAPHY: Oh Whistle, And I’ll Come To You, My Lad

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Another in our series of posts about the ghost stories of MR James. You can find this story here.

GatheringStorm_Seago “Oh Whistle” has the reputation of being one of MR James’ most chilling and effective stories. It’s also – not coincidentally – one of his funniest. He’d already mastered the techniques of hiding secrets in a half-sentence, and covering his tracks and clues with a layer or two of ornamental description. Now he applied that fully to the social life of the English don – as full of ritual and unburied grudge as any of the dark histories he’d conjured.