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Dec 09

FT Advent Calendar Of Free Online Games: 10th December

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Who doesn’t like games about elephants? Today’s game takes is similar to yesterdays in as much as it takes a very simple idea to almost breaking point. But if you are someone who likes completing a game, then this one you will like. A simple flash platformer starring this little elephant:

He is very little.



Songs of the 00s: 200-151

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My list of my songs of the 00s is still counting down at @freakytrigger. Because it’s mostly YouTube links some of the tracks aren’t available to everyone looking, so here’s the first 50 on the list in raw form.


CHRIS DE BURGH – “The Lady In Red”

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#574, 2nd August 1986, video

In a market economy, value is not intrinsic – it’s determined by the extent to which other people desire a thing you possess. “The Lady In Red” captures this at the romantic level – Chris De Burgh’s realisation of the value of a woman occurs only when he sees higher than expected demand for her in the marketplace of a dance.


The Most Important Game Ever Made #22: Salute The Horned One

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How long has it been since you saw a good old fashioned human sacrifice? TOO LONG YOU SAY well watch this:

That’s the Muppets desecrating ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’, which is exactly one half of today’s offering. The Beatlebots, unwilling to do things by halves, jam the first two songs of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band together exactly as they are on the album. Will they confound expectations by not performing it dressed as the titular band, in a bandstand surrounded by victorian-looking people just like in the film?