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Dec 09

FT Advent Calendar Of Free Online Games: 9th December

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You are probably still playing Desktop Tower Defence so lets go for something quick. Very very quick. Indeed speed is the essence in today’s in no way Christmas themed game. Speed and using just one finger. But firstly what is going on in the background here?


THE FT TOP 25 PUBS OF THE 00’s No 17: The Spanish Bar, Downstairs, Hanway St

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In my notes for the night we made this list (in the Exmouth Arms) it says the following: “THE SPANISH BAR IS THE KID A”. What on earth can this cryptic comparison mean?

The Spanish Bar is not a pub. I cannot imagine a time when you would possibly go there for a sociable drink if the opportunity of a pub had been offered. The entire Spanish Bar experience relies on one salient factor. It is open late. And nowhere, absolutely nowhere, else in the area was open late and free to get in. So we would traverse Soho, nip down Hanway Street and walk down the unpleasant corridor to get access to £3 bottles of San Miguel and, at weekends, a Hieronymus Boschian subterranean hell of squashed standing up drinking and all the motorway signs led to ruin.