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FT Advent Catendar Of Free Online Games: 3rd December

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Open today’s window and click through to discover that the old addage that the internet is run by cat lovers is very very true. After yesterday cannoning a poor kitty through the sky (surely a CATapult would have been smarter) there is something a bit more cerebral today. A simple online puzzle game described by today’s contributor Magnus as “a classic cypher until you crack it. And then cathartic”.

Here is a sneak peak dots
Click through to see the epic battle played on this field…


Brillat Savarin, a mystery blue, and a very goaty camembert (cheesy lovers #48, #49, #50)

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Colleagues L and D bravely join me for this cheesy lunch.

Brillat Savarin

French unpasturised soft cow’s milk cheese, bought from Une Normande à Londres

We have a quarter of a squat round wheel of this cheese. It’s smooth and fluffy white on the outside, and softly creamy-white on the inside. In the mouth it’s silky-smooth, incredibly rich, intensely creamy. The melting texture reminds me of posh chocolate truffles. Tastes are subtle, a gentle mushroomishness, a hint of buttermilk, and just the tiniest whiff of the fermented almost-rancid taste of really nice butter. This is a seductive old crooner of a cheese, and incredibly more-ish.


In Praise Of Folly

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Well, I gave it a shot. But this is formally announcing that my tracks of the decade list was one project too far, so I’m discontinuing these write-ups. While I think some of the posts were good, and I enjoyed doing them all, I didn’t have the commitment I have for Popular and I didn’t have the time to fit it in around the paid writing I do (and, you know, my actual job.)

Apologies to you all, O lovely readers.

There are LOADS of other good end-of-decade blogs out there: I will talk about some of them in another post, probably next week but maybe this.

And what about the remaining 169-ish tracks? Well, starting tomorrow I’m going to turn the @freakytrigger Twitter feed over to listing them with Youtube links, probably at a fair old clip – 7 or 8 a day – so if you want to know what they are, follow that. I will see if Alan can rig up some jiggery-pokery that feeds it to here, too.

And before that you can hear a selection from my top 50 or so at POPTIMISM at the Horse Bar on Friday evening, when we do our end-of-decade roundup.