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Dec 09

FT Advent Calendar Of Free Online Games: 2nd December

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Since you are still probably playing Souvlaki Tetris, a mere diversement for today’s advent Calendar. This was sent in by our cheese correspondent Marna and its topic surprised me somewhat knowing her likes. Nevertheless, much like many flash games, there is a degree of physics involved in this game.

But the question here is: what is going to get fired out of this cannon?
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MADONNA – “Papa Don’t Preach”

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#573, 12th July 1986, video

“Papa Don’t Preach” is a fantastic record. Not because it’s a star getting serious, or because it raises issues, or because it ‘tackles’ anything in particular. It’s not a newspaper column. What it does is take a situation – a moment in a situation, even – and turn it into pop so urgent and convincing and exciting that you start groping around for the serious stuff as a way of giving what you’ve experienced some context.


Hackney Empire New Act of the Year – Audition #6

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bathmat Well I must have been onto something in my last audition roundup because Roland Muldoon has echoed my observation that today’s young comedians eschew, by and large, political or social commentary. Muldoon – the guy who ran the Empire for 20 years and who still does the New Act of the Year competition there – went off on one at the School of Comedy’s Funny Festival, as reported here in Chortle.

His rant can’t have done any favours for the nerves of last night’s auditionees. (Yes, they all read Chortle.) (It is a weird business.) Yet it was the strongest group we’d seen yet.