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Dec 09

FT Advent Calendar: 1st December

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This year the Freaky Trigger Advent Calendar is of free online games, for you to waste you time with as you wait for Christmas. From classics to unsung specials, there will be a teaser on this page and a link through on the next.

So to start on the 1st December. What game features these little fellas:


Frightening Force!

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miniscanFor any fans of old horror monsters and/or the stylings of Roy Thomas, here’s a three pager I originally wrote for the horror issue of Solar Wind, that finally found a home in Duke Etrange’s World Of Weird. Art by Brian Coyle.

Full images under the cut…


The FT Top 100 Tracks Of All Time #20: Chic – Good Times

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Chicgoodtimes What exactly are good times, according to Chic? The lyrics refer to jitterbugging being involved, but it’s hard to believe many people on the dancefloor actually jitterbug to it (past tense of jitterbug: jatterbug?). The jitterbug isn’t a hard dance but its hand-round-the-waist 50s style of partnered-up bopping is light years away from what disco invented: full-fledged, individualistic yet en masse booty shaking, preferably until way past a reasonable hour. This is the new state of mind that Chic is talking about. Don’t be a drag, participate. And then:

Clams on the half shell, and roller skates. Roller skates!


Picos de Europa & Tetilla (cheesy lovers #46 & #47)

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It’s almost exactly six months since I posted the first of these cheesy writeups, and  cheese # 50 is coming up later this week. Either of these things would be a good excuse for a celebration.  Both together most definitely are! Clearly, the way to celebrate having eaten FIFTY cheeses is to eat some more cheese, no?  I’ve yet to figure out the minor details of this. (Or, actually, anything beyond NYOM NYOM eat more cheese.) Does anyone have any clever suggestions?


The FT Top 100 Tracks Of All Time: 22, Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart, and 21, Scooter – Ramp! (The Logical Song)

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There’s a song on the radio, a catchy ear-worm of a song, and it’s been on the radio a lot now that you mention it. It drags you in, “now listen to my words” it commands. How might you react?

Reaction A “No colours anymore, I want them to turn black”
Ian Curtis, so the story goes, heard the song “Love Will Keep Us Together” sung by Captain and Tenille and was revolted. Somehow this Neil Sedaka-penned song (highest UK chart position: 32), an unrelentingly jaunty paean to the enduring and constructive power of love, grated with the adulterous misanthrope. So when the boys in the band came up with one of their really great hooky (HA HA) melodies, out came the notebooks with his very own misery memoir. Result:

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Highest UK chart position: 13)

OK, so misanthrope is overstating it – he was a joy to drink with. It was only the constant skim reading of the ‘off-beat’ yet actually fashionable literature of pain and suffering, Ballard Hesse Gogol, and his own emotional insecurity that led him to vandalism – to take a watercolour chocolate-box confection and piss all over it. BLACK IT’S ALL BLACK. SO COLD, ALWAYS SO FUTILE!