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The Lucky Horseshoe, or Imaginarium Squarium

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I’ve not been to every pub in London, but I have been to a fair few in the centre and think myself to be pretty well versed in the whereabouts of drinking venues. From refurb to closure, I keep an eye even on the holes I rarely visit. All that said, when Ewan suggested we drank in The Horseshoe in Clerkenwell I couldn’t immediately place it. It turned out to be slightly off of Clerkenwell Green, by a load of Peabody Estate flats and really rather lovely in the kind of rough and ready way I like. We had a terrific night in there, listing our alternative careers, talking about Javier the Giraffe who thinks he’s a llama and U2pia. It was one of those odd nights that creep up on you out of nowhere, and the pub was a lot to do with it.

All that said, I have never been there before, and had never seen it before, having never taken that turn off of Clerkenwell Green. So can we call it mere coincidence that in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, a very significant scene (including a fight) takes place outside of The Horseshoe?


why philip pullman is a bit of a nincompoop on this one: a diagram

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typical_narniansLWW: lucy and susan get to ride on a lion’s back
PC: omg lucy and susan get to WINE-CRAZED ROMP with BACCHUS dude. Actual real quote: “Two of the Maenads… helped her take off some of the unnecessary and uncomfortable clothes she was wearing” YES I’LL BET THEY DID!
VDT: er ok pass, though lucy does get sold into slavery briefly, plus cuddles reepicheep at the world’s end plus er er seamen, yes PP can have this one…
SC: jill gets blown by a lion and rides on the back of a giant owl and a CENTAUR
MN: polly gets to ride on the back of a flying horse
HahB: aravis gets to ride a talking horse
LB: oh noes susan prefers teh lipstickz to RIDING ON LIONS AND AN ETERNITY WITH PRIAPIC GOATMEN

c.s.lewis had a fear of female sexuality: I’m sorry the more telling psychological evidence says otherwise…

<--- The Old Narnians, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)

St Felicien & Chaource (cheesy lovers #30 and #31)

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St Felicien

Soft raw cow’s cheese from France, bought from Mons

St. Felicien comes in a shallow round wooden box. It has a wrinkled white and cream coloured, softly bloomy rind. When I cut into it I see exactly why it’s sold whole, in a box; it’s entirely liquid, and the creamy cheese puddles out of the rind. It’s the colour and texture of double cream. I fetch a spoon.

Creamy probably goes without saying, but this cheese is also surprisingly sour and bitter. It’s got both a lemonishness and a taste of soured milk. It’s also got a bit of herbal astringency, reminding me of thyme. It’s bitter in the aftertaste, and it leaves my mouth tingling. The rind (I have to fish a lump out of my sea of cheesy ooze) is creamier, if that’s possible, and softer and sweeter; it has nutty fudgey notes. The St Felicien is so oozy and liquid that I was rather expecting a slightly tart and funky cream, but it’s more complex than that, with a big contrast between the sweet creaminess and the bitter and sour ends of the cheese. It’s good!