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Oct 09

The Most Important Game Ever Made #16: In Which The Beatles Find Out

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Welcome to Budokan.

The boys are obviously exhausted, the microphones don’t work properly, Ringo looks ready to top himself right there and the haircuts have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. Offstage, all sorts of trouble is brewing – the ‘bigger than Jesus’ comment, increasing tensions within the group, an album cover where the band smilingly cavort amidst bloody hunks of butchered meat and baby dolls – and history tells us that the Beatles are on the brink of Tourpocalypse.

As a result, that’s got to be the worst performance of ‘Day Tripper’ I’ve ever seen. Beatlebots to the rescue!


WHAM! – “I’m Your Man”

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#560, 30th November 1985, video

Wham!’s first single for a year followed the “Wake Me Up”/”Freedom” model – a Motown template airbrushed for the mid-80s, brisk and bright and shiny-toothed. But something’s changed – George Michael’s no longer the lens of the song, he’s now its focus. “I’m Your Man” does what the title promises, introducing us to someone confident in his stardom and sure of his ability to hold your attention without too much assistance from the music.


Five Things Pixar’s UP Has In Common With The Saturday’s UP

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1: Pixar’s Up has a multicolour bird in it.
The Saturday’s Up has five multicoloured birds in its video, to use the vernacular.

Actually, that’s the only thing they really have in common, one is a angular if ordinary pop song, the other yet another pretty terrific Pixar animated movie. And one where the critical consensus is spot on, a terrificly powerful first ten minutes followed by a somewhat random but very funny main film. So bearing in mind that yet again this movie will end up in best of the year film lists and so on, its worthwhile reflecting on the trends in Pixar’s movies which often feel without precedent and extremely original. But are they?