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Sep 09

BEENIE MAN ft MYA – “Girls Dem Suga”

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One of the really glorious bits of early-decade fusion pop: a Neptunes beat, a dancehall star, a supersweet pop-R&B chorus from Mya, everything bubbling and blending in the summer heat.

But that beat! The Neptunes could be frustrating, especially when the whole NERD thing got going, but their best stuff just seemed miles beyond anyone else. As in, even as someone who’s never tried to put a beat together, the Neptunes stuff was baffling, so ramshackle and thin it ought not to work and yet…


The Most Important Game Ever Made #9: Workin’ In A Cool Mine

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And we’re back.

The Beatlebots continue to rock the Ed Sullivan show with ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, which the actual Beatles never played on the show, at any time, ever. Beatles, Cheatles more like etc etc etc… actually, at this point, I’m beyond caring about the deceit and the fakery and the lies upon lies. Let the myth-making commence.


Vacherin Fribourgeois Crepi (Cheesy Lover #24)

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Cheese stats: Raw cow’s milk, semi-hard cheese from Switzerland, bought from KäseSwiss

10570This cheese has a dark, crumbly, dusty grey rind, and contrasting pale creamy yellow interior.

The inside of this cheese is BEEFY – a huge blast of umami dominates the taste initially; lots of bovrilly, marmiteish intenseness – it reminds me of beef broth. This fades into a creamy yoghurtyness as the cheese melts. (It melts surprisingly easily for a semi-hard cheese.) There’s a fruitiness skirting the edges of the beef; cheese-eating chum is reminded of sour green apples, and I am tasting a hint of pineapple and a smidge of grass. The impressively pitted rind tastes musty; undergrowth, compost bins and leaf mould. I really like it, but this might be an acquired taste. It comes partially wrapped in cloth (which I do not eat, not being a goat), so maybe this rind isn’t really meant for eating.

Conclusion: Really meaty! This is a pretty tasty cheese. It feels like a winter cheese; intense and hearty. I’d like to try melting it on top of French onion soup, or making it into warming cheese toast