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FALL OUT BOY – “Thriller”

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One of the most contentious threads I can remember on ILX was over a blogpost by Ultragrrrl claiming that My Chemical Romance were “this generation’s Nirvana”. OK, the thread was contentious more because Ultragrrrl herself was a divisive figure than because of what she was saying, but it resonated with me. In MCR – and Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, and the raging rest of “mall-emo” – you had a kind of music which was angry, teen-approved, popular, guitar-driven… and a lot of major critical voices basically refused to take it seriously. For instance, there was plenty of expectation and enthusiasm for Fall Out Boy’s Folie A Deux among some Pitchfork writers, but the site didn’t cover it, and wasn’t alone. The sites and magazines that DID go for this music – like Britain’s Kerrang! – tended to do rather well out of it. But for more credible sources, the stuff seemed to be kryptonite. Why?



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#547, 23rd March 1985, video

The two Phils team up to warn a vulnerable pal off a wicked woman, this intervention requiring a jeepful of mid-decade production flim-flam. “Easy Lover” is full of wannabe hooks – a guitar jab here, a keyboard twinkle there – which collide more than they connect. It stomps and stumbles and hollers about chaotically before pulling itself together just in time for another round of “SHE’S AN EASY LOVER!” – and then it’s off again.


Good Night Sweet Plinth*

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*thankyou Mark.

Mike TD – a comments box regular – was ON THE PLINTH in London’s Trafalgar Square on the 17th. Here’s what happened.

The Most Important Game Ever Made #2: Oh Boy

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When you pop the disc in the PS3, this is pretty much the first thing you see. And make no mistake, it’s luvverly.


My Ten Favourite Films Of 2008: 7: I’m Not There (& W.)

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Biopics. Nearly always rubbish right? I can’t be doing with their sanding down of the rough edges of life to turn them into some sort of narrative that makes sense. Whose life has an arc (Noah excepted and Evan Almighty I guess but he’s not real or any good)? Really the number 7 here is I’m Not There, which I found remarkably entertaining, especially as I normally find Todd Haynes a touch difficult. Look Me, and lots of other people talked about I’m Not There here, and you know what, we’re all still right. I’m Not There is a way of telling a story about a life where the life isn’t as interesting or as important as the music, but is just about interesting enough. The group banality of the six actors playing Dylan point you towards the music, there is an impressionistic centre to the movie but it is constantly distracting you. It is the right way to make a biopic about a slippery creature like Dylan.