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Sep 09

RICHGIRL – “He Ain’t With Me Now (Tho)”

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I was playing this record quite a lot while I put the final edits on my “Decade In Pop” piece for Pitchfork: now I wish I’d mentioned it. It’s producer Rich Harrison’s pet girlband project, and for once that patronising double-edge on the word “pet” seems sadly appropriate: none of the (meagre) hype I’ve seen around Richgirl even mentions the performers, and on this single the production’s firmly the star. The song builds on blurs of keyboard and strings with a droning, advancing quality – production like an army on the march. This supertense churn catches an ambiguity in the track – are the singers just letting their hair down, or is betrayal in the air? The brooding effect is rather spoiled by Harrison’s jumping in to say “wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle” but he can’t ruin a striking track.


DEAD OR ALIVE – “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)”

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#546, 9th March 1985, video

If “Relax” – as Mark Sinker put it during the subsequent discussion – was a non-DJs idea of a club record, “You Spin Me Round” is a DJ’s idea of a Frankie track. In fact, it sounds like Stock, Aitken and Waterman have broken into Trevor Horn’s studio at night, nicked a load of his gear, done a bag of speed and started pressing buttons at close to random. Marvellous, in other words.


My Ten Favourite Films Of 2008: 9: The Edge Of Heaven

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I loved “Head On”, Fatih Akın’s previous film which was a gutsy violent Turkish / German romance. It was proper European cinema, no pussyfooting around with its depth of emotion between two characters both drawn together and who hated each other. A great little personal story which also could be unfolded into a relationship between Turkey and Germany, a messy relationship one would say. But it didn’t come out in 2008, The Edge Of Heaven did, and whilst I liked The Edge Of Heaven, it is fair to say I was initially a bit disappointed. And yet it has stayed with me for a lot longer than expected.

What was my problem with The Edge Of Heaven? Too much plot. Its a film about immigration, legal, illegal and attitudes towards it. It is also a film about forgiveness and regret.