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KLAXONS – “As Above, So Below”

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One of the minor and miserable themes of my 00s has been the generally vain search for a British indie hype that I could enjoy. I’ve never consciously acknowledged this itch but the fact I once paid money for a CD by The Coral suggests it’s been lurking around a while. The record shows that my Top 3 90s songs were by My Bloody Valentine, Disco Inferno and Pulp and it’s not controversial to suggest that those lofty standards weren’t exactly maintained.


My Top 200 (or so) Songs Of The 00s

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A little over ten years ago I started writing about my Top 100 Singles Of The 90s. Pretty much as soon as I’d finished I started looking forward to writing this feature on Freaky Trigger. In between, this site has – directly or indirectly – reinvented my social circle, landed me a fascinating job, and been a remarkably rewarding hobby.

So, even though I really don’t have the time to do a 100 Songs Of The 00s, I couldn’t not. In fact I’m going to go better: I’m going to talk about 200 songs. Here are my ground rules:

1. I’m going to split the songs between here and my tumblr. The ones that go here will have more discussion, the ones on my tumblr will have an audio component.


Persillé du Beaujolais, cow & goat varieties (cheesy lovers 18 & 19)

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Two cheeses from the same maker, both blue, one made with cows milk and the other with goat. They might have everything but the milk in common, but these are very different cheeses. The first is strong and tangy and tasty, the second sent me croaking for a glass of water.


Mumpop III: Folk You For The Music

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Thank You For The Music: The Music of ABBA, Hyde Park

We pick our way through the sea of tartan blankets, picnic baskets, foldable chairs, sensible anoraks and fidgeting eight-year-olds who have each been given a bag of fizzy cola bottles and a glowstick as a treat. “Prize for the first person to spot someone in a bacofoil costume!” says Kirsty. Her younger sister Cathy is preoccupied trying to remember how the first verse of ‘I Know Him So Well’ starts: “It’s not ‘looking back I could have played it differently‘ is it? That’s the next line!” Cathy’s friend Lucy-Ann is hungover and is more interested in getting a good close-up with her camera. “I can’t see, is that Chris Evans’ real hair?”


My Ten Favourite Films Of 2008: 10: Speed Racer

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I posted a list of my least favourite films of 2008 back in January. Worst films are easy, they stick with you in a certain way that the decisiveness a list based analysis needs can easily be rustled up. Favourite films change through time however, what really impresses and sticks with you can fade. Films which suffer through time are often slight, the perfectly made but nothing special indie movie you rave about when leaving can suddenly be a pile of nothing in memory. So I decided not to post a list of my favourite films of 2008 until much later in the year. It is much later, so here goes.

But before I briefly mention the film that will possibly turn you off of the list in itself, here’s a few that suffered the six month wait.
Tropic Thunder: More than a belly full of laughs in the cinema, it struck me a few months later as being a little lazy in its use of Jack Black.
Kung-Fu Panda: Easily the best designed non-Pixar animation of the year, it struck me a few months later as being a little lazy in its use of Jack Black.
Man On Wire: Would have had more suspense if it had used Jack Black. Etc Etc…