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Jun 09

Beenleigh Blue (Cheesy Lover #3)

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Stats: Blue sheep’s milk cheese from Devon
From: Neal’s Yard Dairy

Testing conditions: I had this for lunch, on some seedy spelt bread, alongside a huge bowl of salad.

This cheese is fairly hard and and has a crumbly, slightly waxy texture when I cut into it. It looks pale – almost greenish – and hasn’t all that much veining.

Once in my mouth it’s spicy and peppery (although I have been eating rocket for lunch) and fruity; there’s a taste of raspberries, and maybe a hit of peach. It’s a fairly creamy cheese, and melts surprisingly quickly for something hard and crumbly. It tastes stronger and bluer than the pale and slight veining would indicate, stinging my throat slightly as I swallow it. There’s an almost cheddary tang to the edges of the cheese near the rind – a farmyard-ish bite.

It’s definitely more of a Stilton-ish blue than a gorgonzola-ish one – similar bite and bitterness so my theory is that it uses penicillium roqueforti rather than p. glaucum for the mould. (SCIENCE BIT: There are two sorts of blue cheese mould – roqueforti lives in roquefort and stilton, and glaucum in gorgonzola.) But although this cheese is a blue sheep’s milk one, it’s not anything like roquefort. Not as soft or moist, and not as salty.

I foisted nibbles on some colleagues, and their responses were:

D: ‘A very fine cheese.’
L: ‘whoa is good cheese man, strong taste but in the right direction! Could eat this all day’

Cheesy conclusion: A sensible cheese, this; it tastes strong but is not mentallist in either stench or taste.

Overcurry discussion the other night concluded that I need some sort of randomizing system for choosing my cheese. I am plotting something overcomplicated. Maybe involving DICE. Suggestions welcome!

Jun 09

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 3, Week 13

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Steve H, Magnus A, Hazel R and Julio D give a surprise test. Featuring Mr Kirk’s Nightmare William Shatner, Tiny Tim, Richard Barrett, Tori Amos and… hmm, the Goodies?

Jun 09

REPOPULATE: Bobby Darin: Dream Lover

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While Tom is off on paternity leave, this gives the popular comments crew the breathing space to look back at some of the older posts which due to shifting around servers, and comments systems may not have as much discussion as one might imagine. I’m calling it Repopulate because I think its clever. I’ll be doing one of these a day, and have turned off the comments on this thread so you need to click through to the actual post. I’m starting with an old favourite of mine by teen dream Bobby Darin.

BOBBY DARIN – Dream Lover.

Flash Of Tedious

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It is said that everyone has a book in them. BOOK, get with the times GRANDAD – everyone has got a film in them right*? What this misses out however is that these books, or films, may not actually be good ones. Take, for example and because it is the film I am actually talking about here, Bob Kearns. Bob Kearns invented the intermittent windscreen wiper. A small college science teacher and small time inventor he cracked the HOLY GRAIL of the car companies. Or so the film Flash Of Genius tells us, the invention of said windscreen wiper is up there with the invention of flight, or that act of petty larceny Prometheus committed.

Its a film with small ambitions. It shows how Bob invented the wiper. It shows how the dastardly car companies nicked it off him. It shows how he became obsessed, went a bit mad and then sued the car companies, took them to court himself and eventually won. I would have warned you of spoilers except there is only one thing in this film which isn’t predictable and that’s the break-up of his marriage.


Jun 09

Epoisses de Bourgogne (Cheesy Lover #2)

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Disclaimer: If I could marry cheese, this is the cheese I would marry.

Stats: French (Burgundy) washed rind cheese.
Bought from: Le Marche du Quartier

Epoisse is a cheese of legend. If you google for it, you’ll find a thousand websites listing it in their TOP 10 EXTREME FOODS, or SMELLIEST CHEESES I HAVE KNOWN. It’s reputed to be banned on French public transport – the durian fruit of the cheese world – although I can only find this fact repeated, not substantiated anywhere.

It’s also one of my favourite cheeses, and this cheese-blogging lark seemed like a as good a reason as any to buy another box of it. We had it after dinner, on some thinly sliced bread, and we had a nice but unexciting red wine with it.


Jun 09

Shite At A Different Museum

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There is something about super-bloated big budget action comedies which attract me like a Big Brother fan to a copy of Heat. I know I won’t like them, but I sort of kinda have to see them. So Night At The Museum 2 (aka Night At The Museum : Battle Of The Smithsonian) was always going to get my custom, if just to see if the Ben Stiller mugathon will be as inventive as either the original or the average peasant in the dark ages. It just about passes that muster to be fitfully more entertaining than the original without being in any way memorable like its predecessor. Which is possibly just as well because it spends its first ten minutes dispatching much of the previous film.

What is interesting about many sequels is what happens when the original was not set up for a follow-up. Night At The Museum ended with our hero triumphant, having won back his son and with a potential love interest. Well the second one moves him on even further, a successful businessman he is too busy for his “friends” in the museum*.


Jun 09

You Watch 12 Long Rounds and What Do You Get?

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Nearly two hours older having a watched a film deeply in debt (to the Die Hard films).

The (very short) reviews of Reny Harlin’s new actioner 12 Rounds sketch out the simple high concept. After catching an international terrorist, John Cena’s detective is subjected a year later to a “game” of 12 Rounds when the master criminal escapes from prison. It is worth noting however that the terrorist is not caught for a good twenty minutes, and when you realise how long some of the “rounds” are going to take you lose all of the will to live, much like if you were an innocent bystander in New Orleans in the way of this plot. Because on a scale of one to Katrina, the selfish acts taken by our hero Danny are certainly on the levee breaking side.

Rennie Harlin has made some lousy films, so the poster has to find one of the good ones to put on the poster. So they pick Die Hard 2, which is a touch unfortunate because 12 Rounds is basically Die Hard With A Vengence in New Orleans with a lead so thoroughly uncharismatic that you root for the baddie just to get it over with.