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#520, 30th April 1983, video

The effect of “True” – potent for some, emetic for others – is a function of how it rubs two impulses up against each other. One is a yearning for depth and the authentic, in the form of soul music. The other is a wish to make your records gleam, to emphasise their sleekness and luxury. Understand this combination and you understand pop in the mid-80s. On the one hand, “You are Gold!” On the other, “Always believe in your soul!”


Jun 09

REPOPULATE: CONWAY TWITTY – ‘It’s Only Make Believe’

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Another shockingly underpopulated comments thread. So if you’ve got anything to say about this 1958 Elvis soundalike track do so? Love its staircase of tempo, its atmospheric intro? Or want to talk about Conway Twitty as a country artist, the man, his music, his legend? And don’t forget his version of Dollywood: Twitty City!

CONWAY TWITTY – ‘It’s Only Make Believe’

Metal Body, Human Heart, NO COLON

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It is unclear who the lead character is in Terminator Salvation. Is it Christian Bale’s grumpy John Connor, older, but less wise than when he was a kid in Terminator 2? Or is it death row inmate, and outpatient, Marcus who equally scowls his way through this post apocalyptic nightmare of a film (the film is the nightmare)? Or is it Skynet, aka Helena Bonham Carter who has one hairbrained scheme after enough to kill John Connor resembles the planning work of a Dick Dastardly (with Arnie as his Muttley)? Or is the real star the missing colon in the title? Terminator: Salvation, makes sense as a title, while Terminator Salvation would only make sense if it is the terminators who are gaining the salvation here. You would need to do some significant plot shifting to consider that to be the case with the end of this film where it appears no-one really gets any salvation at all. Lots of humans die, lots of Skynet is destroyed. War continues, nothing much happens and post-apocalyptic humankind is able to do complex heart surgery with no sterile operating theatres and not much in the way of training (their head doctor is a vet). It is a mess with massive plot holes and only just a couple of OK action sequences. And yet the thing that concerns me the most is not the slow death of an OK franchise, but rather a missing colon. That colon bugs me.

(As does the question if there is a considerable difference between Salvation in English and Redemption in French – as per the Canadian poster?)

Jun 09

Trop d’informations

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Anything For Her (- which seems a touch stronger than the French title Pour Elle) is an okay little prison break thriller. It does however share a with another French film of the last year a lack of ambition when it comes to its central theme. In I’ve Loved You So Long Kristen Scott Thomas gets out of prison for murdering her own child. The film whips along at an uncomfortable tick until, near the end, the film decides to explain the crime to the viewer. It makes the lead character more sympathetic, at the expense of the more interesting ambiguity about the rehabilitation of a long term prisoner.

Anything For Her also has its female lead incarcerated for murder, and it happens in a terrific scene at the start of the film, where the police storm her ordinary family life and everything changes. Three years later she is still in prison, her last appeal used up. Her husband decides to attempt a prison break for her. And then, the film explains what happened in the crime, and if she did it.


Metaneologicistical Edenmares

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So if a neologism is coined ever 98 minutes, say certain lexicographers, the English language will hit One Million Words TODAY! It surely behooves us at Freakytrigger to
a) pooh pooh this statistic
b) whilst at the same time coining the millionth word.

a) Actually the poohpoohing has already been done by The Guardian, the Guardianilists managing to elicitate this damninquote:

Professor David Crystal, professor of linguistics at Bangor University, called the idea “the biggest load of rubbish I’ve heard in years”. He said: “It is total nonsense. English reached 1 million words years ago. It’s like someone standing by the side of the road counting cars, and when they get to 1 million pronouncing that to be the millionth car in the world. It’s extraordinary.”

b) Well now that’s cleared up, what should that millionth word in English be.


Jun 09

Casserole Science (With Built In Profit)

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Good old Tesco’s: Britain’s biggest and richest supermarket. Not only are they able to still eek out impressive profits in these dark financial days, but they also seem to be able to change the effect of microwaves upon metal. How else can we explain this wonderful cast iron Le Creuset casserole which also appears to be MICROWAVE SAFE. That’s Cast Iron + Microwaves.

Can any budding physicists tell me what they think would happen and if anyone has a microwave and a similar Le Creuset cast iron casserole dish they want to test it on please do. Else follow my three step plan to instant profit:


Hilbert’s Space

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“If you don’t know what a prime number is, you should leave now” – it says at the start of Fermat’s Room, Spanish maths-me-up-thriller. Which is true, as prime numbers are the most complex idea you need to know to understand any of Fermat’s Room – the other ideas being pretty kindergarten level. I guess realising that being a mathematician is no bar to being batshit, and coming up with ridiculous murder plans. Or at least stealing a plot from Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little {insert offensive epithet here}”. Indeed the maths is a bit of a let down. The plot is simple. Four people in a room, they have to solve maths puzzles sent to them by PDA within a minute or else the walls start moving in to crush them. Nevermind the engineering involved to do this seems to completely forget that if you push four walls at the same time, the walls will break, it also forgets that mathematicians are actually supposed to be good at maths.

But this is a film where a bloke thinks he’ll impress his girlfriend by solving the Goldbach Conjecture (namely that all even numbers are the sum of two primes). Anyway, spoilers follow…


Jun 09

IPC Sub-Editors Dictate Our Nation’s Youth(‘s festival footwear)

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Graun journalist spends all day reading and fails to really read the glastowatch story she links to which shows a screencap from metcheck when it said that SEVERAL MILES of rain would fall per day, temperatures would top 2000°C and the wind would be over 1000mph….

Also Science dude in the original Times story is relatively reserved, basically there’s this weather pattern that happens kind of at the end of June, but really isn’t that predictable and it’s not really a real monsoon, really…

The forecast will DO ME FINE to be honest (it currently says no rain after monday night, overcast but reasonably warm all weekend)

Its Not Just Cricket, Its Maths!

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I cannot say I was over the moon when the Netherlands beat England in the opening game of the 20 20 World Cup.Clearly as a neutral it is great when a minnow beats a big gun, especially when said big gun is hosting the tournament. To win such a game at the “Home Of Cricket” is even more exceptional. However I am not a neutral, I want England to do well, and thus I could appreciate the excitement of the result, it felt horrible, we looked like we were going out.

Last night however, when England beat Pakistan comfortably I felt a little robbed of a close game.


REPOPULATE: Cliff Richard & The Shadows: The Young Ones

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Another commentless thread (it had loads back on Haloscan lost to electronic winds). But why not talk about Cliff, The Shadows, the movie, the sexless appeal of Cliff, the youth gone wild of the song and not about Rik Mayall.

Cliff Richard & The Shadows: The Young Ones