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What to say about In The Loop? Its a satire and its sweary. Like most good satires it is also a fantastically angry film, weaving its scatological comedy around the reason British people are most angry with their government in the last ten years, the Iraq War*. Not that In The Loop deals with specifics. There is a war, there are governments but there are unnamed leaders and it is also a touch difficult sometimes to even tell what the politics of the protagonists are. This is all the point, and you would be forgiven at the end to think that Armando Ianucci’s aim was just a nihilistic one – destroy all governments they are clearly useless. But of course this hides a remarkably idealistic strain that next to none of the characters share but is at the heart of the film. It isn’t just asking how did politics come to this, even if it is an over-the-top satire (and it plausibly stands in for the truth). But it does demand we do something about it.

Of course, as can be said about naysayers everywhere, its fine to be critical, but where are your concrete suggestions to solve the problem? Eh? EH?


The Video Age

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This Used To Be The 90s

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Ages ago (1999, to be exact) I did a “Top 100 Singles Of The 90s” series here. While contemplating whether to go for a 00s one (and where to do it, if so), I decided to put a Spotify playlist of the old list together.

And here it is.

64 tracks of the 100 turned up on Spotify – mostly the better-known ones, as you’d expect. Enjoy!