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May 09

Kirk Should Buy A Lottery Ticket (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

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I would say I am loathe to nitpick the science and plot of Star Trek, but anyone who knows me would say its not true. I love to nitpick, even though I often keep it to myself. Because nitpicking does not normally reduce my enjoyment of a film, I can happily accept outrageous coincidences and remarkable magical science. I just wish I didn’t have to.

So Star Trek is Star Trek, so I start with a basic boatload of premises from the original series. Warp Speed. Transporters which only work when they don’t spoil the plot. Alien civilizations all living within a mile of each other on their home planet. I can get that Vulcan, say, is just one city on a planet (which since Earth is only ever represented as San Francisco* is I suppose only fair). All of this I knew before I walked through the door, so instead my nitpicks are more based on the STAGGERING CONSPICUOUS COINCIDENCES which occur from the already established conveniently coincidence heavy Star Trek universe.

So lets play with a bit of probability here. Let’s say that each of the staggering coincidences that occur have a probability of one half.