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Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 3, Week 7

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“The Trouble With Pop” – a conversation between Tom Ewing, Hazel Robinson, Alex Macpherson and Pete Baran. Featuring Bat for Lashes, Mastodon, Lady Sovereign, Blackout Crew, Gucci Mane and Girls Aloud.

Vote Early Vote Often

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Thanks to Alan for introducing a HOTT NEW FEATURE to Popular. You can now give a mark out of 10 to each individual track*, thus CROWDSOURCING the overall opinion of the Popular massive and making the whole thing more interactive etc etc.

I think this is fab! You have to be logged in to do it though. What better reason to register? (We won’t give your email to The Man, or do anything with it at all in fact.)

*Currently this is only enabled for the last n tracks, where n is a number that Alan knows and I don’t. But if it doesn’t screw up our back-end we’ll extend this to all of ’em.

hauntoMAGOGraphy: interim offcuts

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solomonie two books by james that aren’t ghost stories, and another book that isn’t by james

i: Old Testament Legends:being stories out of some of the less-known apochryphal books of the old testament, by montague rhodes james, which i bought a facsimile copy of about six weeks ago and now it has rather sinisterly VANISHED oo er — illustrations by the great (see left, “solomon summons a demon”)
ii: the new testament vol.1, edited by m. j. james, assisted by delia lyttelton, engravings by eric gill, which i just gathered in from the room-full of books my aunt c is about to give to charity
iii: a copy (from same source) of w.h.ainsworth’s “old st pauls: a tale of the plague and the fire“, a 19th-century novel about treasurehunting and urban conflagration in the 17th century, very briefly mentioned in “canon alberic

more on these when i find where i put i and have time to read ii and iii