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Apr 09

The Shower Of Shit Begins: 3: Monsters vs Alien 2D

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Note: This review contains spoilers. But then the film title contains spoilers so I don’t care.

Monsters Vs Aliens 3D suggests there is something amusing in having a clear mission statement as your title. It seems to be saying that it both recognises the awesomeness of a Monster / Alien bust up, and is going to give you it in spades, and three dimensions. So it comes as a little bit of a little bit of a let down to discover that it is actually only one alien who is eventually defeated single handedly by a 50ft woman, which is on the borderline of the description of monstrousness. Oh and I saw it in 2D, because 3D doesn’t work for me and playing dress up in the cinema is not my thing.

So the good about Monsters vs Aliens, beyond its title. Well there is lots of fun character design, and a great meshing of personality and animation in Seth Rogen’s Bob. It is a computer animated film which has a female lead character which is nigh on unheard of (well if you are Pixar).It has some nice empowerment messages.

The down side. Well the solution to the empowerment issue is, er, to actually get empowered with real actual super powers and grow to 50 feet.