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10 Years Of Freaky Trigger: Dec 99 – Feb 00

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Between the last post in this series and this one, the actual 10th anniversary of Freaky Trigger has been and gone. There’s something sadly typical in that, I think.

As ever, if you’d like to simply read the old articles I’ve selected rather than my reminiscences, just click on the tab up top right of your screen, with the robotic gentleman having a fight.


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#504, 3rd July 1982

So here’s one destination for punk: a jokey cover version of an old show tune, knocked out at the record company’s request and pushing Captain Sensible firmly down the woeful career path of the professional eccentric. Look more closely and there’s a little bit more going on: backing trio Dolly Mixture are as much a part of the record as the Captain is, and what could be more DIY than giving some mates the chance to be on a number one hit? And I’ll forgive “Happy Talk” a lot for inspiring Dizzee Rascal’s delightfully goofy “Dream”.

But honestly, this isn’t very good. Dolly Mixture lend it some charm, Sensible attacks it with his usual honking gusto, but the record never feels like more than a jolly piss-up – hip-hop pastiche “Wot” (“Well, HELLO ADAM…”) meshes these qualities a great deal better, and shows that the Captain could seem invested in his material when it suited him.