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Rob Emo Watch (Return!)

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cropped hunter

i wasn’t really watching closely enough to make this an actual real REW, but tonight’s ep of robin h. featured LOLLARDRY! (or at least wycliffism)

UPDATE: didn’t think properly about this last night — robin is set in the reign of king richard (and john?), c.200 years before wycliffe’s translation of the bible into english: the plot point was that such translation was HERESY, which it was in john’s reign: in 1199 pope innocent iiI forbade unauthorised versions in the wake of the cathar and waldensian movements (which lollardry is loosely linked with); prior to this translation hadn’t been considered problematic — the venerable bede made a partial translation, and there’s also the wessex gospels, from c.990

The Top Five Reasons I WILL Follow You On Twitter

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For some reason I keep getting suckered into clicking through tinyURLs to things like this old Mashable piece, in which someone lists their reasons for NOT following people on Twitter and then all the comments crew slap each other on the back for realising that Twitter is like “a business networking event”. Since business networking events are some of the grimmest and most insincere occasions on earth it seems odd to want to recreate that vibe online without even a complimentary vol au vent, but each to their own.

Reading it though I thought some positivity was needed. So here are the reasons why I would follow back a complete stranger on Twitter. Of course I should point out that there’s no reason said stranger would follow me in the first place: beardy blokes working in social media are no scarce resource online! But in the event that a slip of the finger lands @tomewing on your list here’s what I’m looking for.


Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 3, Week 6

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Musical Euthenasia with Kat, Pete, Sarah and Magnus.

An update on Kat’s work-in-progress, “Hollyoaks The Musical”, takes the Lollards from overture to immature, around Japanese digi-musicals and South Park, and the musical flops of Superman and Carrie. Chess makes them wonder if perhaps there’s any mileage in a musical based on the works of Abba. Hmm.