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Yes Guru, Yes Method, Yes Teacher

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Simon Reynolds talks about “artists as portals” in The Guardian, specifically referring to the NME’s “Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer” column of yore. This kind of thing is still popular – Pitchfork’s “Guest List” columns, for instance, where we learn that indie rockers like one another, and books. But what’s intriguing to me is the way this idea of “portals” has spread into the marketing world. Here’s planner Mike Arauz writing in January:

“For brands on the web: if I don’t see your sources (what you read, watch, and listen to) and which things you think are important enough to pass on, then I don’t know who you are.”


Suspicious? Don’t be ridiculous!

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Two recent results from the South African Vodacom Second Division:

Young Pirates 2 Real Madrid (not that Real Madrid) 26

Namaqua Stars 50 Kakamus Cosmos 0

Extraordinarily, the South African FA is suspicious, and is investigating. They’ve already suspended all the match officials. My favourite bit, from this story from Kick Off, is from the spokesman for Namaqua Stars: “It’s quite possible to get 50 goals in one match. I wasn’t at the match, but the score at half-time was around 25-0. It is a genuine result, not fake, but we are concerned because how can Real Madrid score 26 times against such a good side as Pirates?”

Yes, 25-0 at half-time explains it all.

No Guru, No Method, No Teacher

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I am writing a piece for a market research mag on the current “hottest thinkers” that industry people like to namecheck. Inevitably many of these people are as much derided as loved, so I decided to ‘crowdsource’ a list of the most overpraised intellectuals, using Twitter and LJ. Here it is, and YOU can decide on the worst intellectual of all using the power of votes. (You get 3 each).

A couple of people were excluded for not fitting any reasonable definition of intellectual, and a couple more were excluded for being dead (also, if I’d put Ayn Rand in it would have been a one-horse race). Otherwise what you see is everyone nominated. So: VOTE! (For up to three people)

Worst Living Intellectual

  • Alain De Botton 36%
  • Malcolm Gladwell 30%
  • Noam Chomsky 22%
  • Guy Kawasaki 22%
  • Seth Godin 18%
  • Edward De Bono 16%
  • Michael Ignatieff 14%
  • Dan Snow 5%
  • Richard Florida 4%
  • John Gray 4%
  • Jakob Nielsen 3%
  • Charles Handy 3%
  • Nicholas Nassim Taleb 3%
  • Dan Ariely 1%

Total Voters: 74

Poll closes: 10 Apr 2009 @ 10:42

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