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CHARLENE – “I’ve Never Been To Me”

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#503, 26th June 1982

One of my favourite old threads on ILX was a compendium of right-wing American cartoons, in which politics I found highly disagreeable were counterbalanced by craft and chutzpah. In fact my reactions were murkier than that – my horror at the opinions was part of the thrill. I certainly wouldn’t have had this reaction to right-wing columnists or talk shows so I assume the medium gave the material a – possibly dangerous – air of safety.

I have a similar reaction to conservative pop, especially country and country-tinged records like “I’ve Never Been To Me”, which Charlene kicks off in a laid-back Carly Simon mode before waxing increasingly rabid over the futility of female independence.


The Whale In The Room

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Oi writers! Do you want to co-write a play? Then Resonance FM has a job for you: “to tweet the thoughts, exchanges and reactions of these characters over a period of two weeks. They will then fashion a script from the material, and record the play with actors for broadcast.” I wonder how they’re going to read out the URL shorteners.

If Paul May wants some tips for the broadcast, he could do worse than study Marcus Brown’s Tweet Readings.