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Mar 09

I Was A Goblin: World Of Workcraft

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We resurrect I Was A Goblin to bring you a link to this visionary post: “Personal Branding is a Real Life RPG”.

“Every person on this planet is playing the same game as you – the game of life. We are the ones who realize this and are thus able to take advantage by actively leveling up so that we can become the strongest players possible.”

Indeed! Life is like a RPG in more ways than the author enumerates. For instance, some players start with no gold, skills or weapons, while others have immediate access to vast resources and huge numbers of magic items. They must have used a cheat code.

But I can spot one flaw in the analysis – he doesn’t specify which RPG life is like. Oh sure, he airily mentions WoW and Final Fantasy. But what if life is a different RPG entirely?


The Top 100 Tracks Of All Time: 32. Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood

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Putting the sin into sin drums…

Knock On Wood is one of those party staples which ended up representing a whole scene. You can understand why. Not just because it is a consummate disco record, with its infectious opening like a tube train whooshing into a station. The tempo is forgiving enough for lousy dancers, open enough for good dancers to strut their stuff. Its got sound effects. Amii’s extravagant act also adds something to the track, especially when coupled with the clarity of her voice though the effects. But the fact it is a cover version makes it special. It shows what disco could offer a song, what it could do to beef it up and make it truly disco.