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Mar 09

Incredible bad taste

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An extraordinary passage in Huizinga’s The Waning Of The Middle Ages comes to our attention:

The taste for unbridled luxury culminated in the court fetes….Nothing could be more insipid or ugly than the ‘entremets’, consisting of gigantic pies enclosing complete orchestras, full-rigged vessels, castles, monkeys and whales, giants and dwarfs, and all the boring absurdities of allegory. We find it difficult to regard these entertainments as something more than exhibitions of almost incredible bad taste.

Speak for yrself mate! Further discussion of these remarkable pies, and the events surrounding them, will feature in Saturday’s Lollards of Pop show.

Lollards Of Pop: Season Three!

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Not only is Freaky Trigger BACKBackback but so is it peripatetic radio offshoot FREAKY TRIGGER AND THE LOLLARDS OF POP on Resonance FM. Broadcasting to ALL OF LONDON on crystal clear FM* on 104.4, webstreaming from the Resonance website and then popping up on here some time afterwards as a podcast. We said the last show would be the LAST SHOW, so discover what it was that made us come back for series three, and if we have jumped the shark.

The first show this weekend on Saturday 2:30pm – 3:30pm is hosted by myself, and I have hand picked guests of a genial and jolly nature. Namely Magnus “Norkmaiden” Anderson, Alix Campbell and Freakytrigger head honcho Tom Ewing himself. Looking way back into the past for this edition expect to hear about ancient cookbooks, superstitions and featuring an ALL NEW THEORY about the medieval world which threatens to shock history depts up and down the land. Silly about the serious, serious about the silly, the Lollards Of Pop are back.

If you want to warm up, here’s a link to the archives.