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Jan 09

It Was Only A Christmas Tale

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I am not a film distributor. I just go see the blasted things. But even I can see that the release of A Christmas Tale (the new Arnaud Desplechin movie) might have been a touch botched, with it coming out mid-January. But then I saw it, ALL 150 MINUTES OF IT, and its release date makes a little bit more sense. Because A Christmas Tale seems to exist to absolve you of hating your family over Christmas. It says that all families are dysfunctional, so its OK. Unfortunately it tries to prove this by creating a family with so many dysfunctions that you’d need a misuser’s guide just to make it not work.

It took me about two hours to work out exactly who was related to who, who was married to who and why they hated, loved, we cruel to, or having sex with each other.