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Jan 09

In Search Of Squirrel (Crisps)

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And so Walkers search for a “new” flavour has boiled down to six “new” flavours of which at least three would be familiar to snackers in some form or other. There have definitely been Fish and Chips flavoured crisps before and I am sure some of the posher snacks have tip-toed down the route of Crispy Duck (though perhaps without the emphasis on Hoi Sin Sauce). Builders breakfast, whilst intriguing, one assumes will be an amalgam of smoky bacon, beans, tomato ketchup and sausage crisps. Whether they will aim at individual “builders” crisps having different flavours is unclear and unlikely. What marks out a builders crisps from a Great British Breakfast I don’t know, but i know they are missing a trick without Kedgeree flavoured crisps.

But this leaves three other flavours with a degree of novelty to them. Onion Bhaji crisps are odd, because they are a fried snack flavoured to resemble – er – another fried snack. But it will be distinctive at least. Chocolate and chilli is possible the boldest of these flavours, one assumes aiming at the hotter end of the dark chocolate medley, retaining a degree of savouriness. I wonder how salty they will be too. However the big controversy will be over the Cajun Squirrel flavour, which manages to both appall fluffy creature lovers and be a little, how you say, patronising to our Cajun brethren.


(Fantasy) Role (Playing) Models

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Role Models is another “crude with a heart” manchild US comedy, which combines sex obsession, with thirty-something slackerdom and Live Action Roleplaying to ramshackle but generally amusing effect.

You read that right. The plot of Role Models is simple. Two energy drink salesmen fall foul of the law and are sentenced to community service with two difficult kids. The sex obsessed optimist is shackled with a foul mouthed kid* and the cynic gets the LARPer. Initially it seems that the dressing up and hitting with foam swords is going to be a few throwaway jokes at best, but slowly but surely it becomes the heart of the film. In the end a movie like this needs some sort of climatic sequence where the disgraced Role Models get to prove that they have helped their wards. I assumed that would be simply to get the geeky kid to talk to the girl he fancies. Instead it takes a sidestep into taking Live Action Role Playing as a serious, rewarding and fun pastime.


ADAM AND THE ANTS – “Stand And Deliver”

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#479, 9th May 1981

When it comes to pop, “style over substance” is an enduring criticism: almost as powerful as it is dumb. So often pop plays a shell game with the ideas – using style as a mask or code to make sure the right people get the substance; or using the excuse of artistry to get away with the most outrageous leaps in style. “Stand And Deliver” is a stylist’s manifesto in lyric and sound, and in the record’s worst line – “Deep meaning philosophies where only showbiz loses” – Adam buys into the binary himself and betrays a certain fretful conservatism. Why not turn philosophies into showbiz, like the rest of the New Pop was doing? (It hadn’t done the Beatles or McLaren any harm, after all)