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Jul 08

Comics: A Beginner’s Guide: Children’s Comics

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The last item (bar a bonus insert) in this series was on European comics. Two of the all-time great children’s creators could have been covered there. It’s worth noting that comics have been a medium aimed overwhelmingly at children, especially in anglophone countries, for most of their existence, so unsurprisingly some of the best cartoonists ever were in that market.

Rene Goscinny

I won’t say too much about him, because everyone knows Asterix (with artist Uderzo, who continued writing it after Goscinny died). His writing is a constant delight not just on this, but on Ompa-Pa (a Native American; artist Uderzo again), Iznogoud (a vizier in a 1001 Nights world; artist Tabary) and especially cowboy Lucky Luke, with Morris. (Asterix is easy to find, but the others are less common, though there are English-language editions.)


The Freaky Trigger Top 100 Tracks Of All Time No. 42. Abba – The Winner Takes It All

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Oh its all Abba all the time round here these days. What with Popular knee deep in the 1970’s. Well Winner Takes It All is 1980’s Abba, and a significantly more jaded, wistful Abba it is too. So rather than talk to much about the track itself (I’d leave that to Tom cos I’m afraid of the spoiler bunny), let’s use this opportunity to talk a bit about the other big Abba sensation this month. The release of Mamma Mia! the film.

The stage version of Mamma Mia! has been fantastically successful, and deservedly so. It did not take a genius to work out that Benny & Bjorn’s music would work well in a musical theatre setting (well, they did make Chess twenty years ago so they themselves noticed).



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The final sampled whistle has been blown and the record crowd is streaming out of the stadium digesting this extraordinary result: Switzerland have won Europop 2008. The game was an incident packed one, thanks in part to 15 extra Italian votes flooding in after a football website (presumably an Italian one!) linked to us. It looked like hard cheese for Switzerland but their overwhemling support among registered users has made the difference, and manager Pete Baran can proudly hold Europop’s trophy aloft, or he could if it existed. As for Italy, they played some amazing games through this tournament but, like Germany and Portugal before them you can’t help but feel they underestimated the Swiss will to win. Congratulations to both managers for getting to the final and watch this space for news of future pop orgafun.

Return Of The Ella

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Last years big summer smash (and meterological phenomenon) had in its arsenal a particular vocal tick. Rihanna’s Ella-Ella plagued us like the rain she was cowering from. And this year it seems that Flo Rida is stealing this schtick wholesale, in Elevator. AKA Stuck On My Ella-Ella-Vator.

Not content with thieving Rihanna’s gimmick, he has in the back room Timbaland who seems to have mopped up all the clipping from Madonna’s Four Minutes, and reusing them for this frankenstein single. Bear in mind that even the concept of making love in an elevator seems a bit second hand and you have THE SMASH OF THE SUMMER! (Youtube after the break).