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Cuts Like A – er – Razor (UPDATE: With Picture Proving Point)

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I’ve seen Battlestar Galactica: Razor twice now, and I finally feel free to say that which I was scared of after the first viewing. Yes, it is an entertaining two hour film, filling in details which probably did not need to be filled in, but telling a pretty entertaining story at the time. Perhaps the moments humanising Admiral Cain would have been more useful in a lesser show, but even in the episodes she turns up in the show was even handed enough not to mark her out as a complete monster. The film barely softens her, but instead decides to show how one bad decision can turn you into an unwavering tyrant. Not needed, but good work.

The retro Cylons were however an example of fan wank over plot.


did you think i would leave you crying, when there’s room on my toast ect ect

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devilso last night i discovered two inter-linked and utterly heartwarming cookery FACTS

one is that in cookery, if angels are played by OYSTERS then devils are played by PRUNES!

two is that in these recipes, for every horse (= small piece of toast) there are TWO RIDERS! bless!!