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Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 5

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Kat’s year 3000 high school paper. Why training apes is a bad idea. Extropians as cybermen. Ray Kurzweil’s argument by graph. Darren Hayes hits a time lock. Tobias X Future warns of death by bacon. Nostradamus predicts Hitler, Mother Shipton predicts lady trousers. Futurists love their food. The Free Design. Rollerball makes no sense. Future sport as war. Centrifugal bumble puppy. David Bowie’s drum and bass is 2005 years out of date. Utopias don’t exist. Busted STILL fancy their teacher.

Transhuman Express – A Lollards antici-post

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Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman ConditionEd Regis’s “Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition” [Amazon] is a wonderful and funny collection of science writing. The tone is set in a great prologue about ‘bezoar stones’, but the focus of the book is on the big names in late 80s ‘extropianism’. The author spends a lot of time with them, talking to them, finding them to be both calm and engaging people, who just happen to have really wild, really really wild, ideas about the future.

Fifteen years after first reading that book, and catching up with what has been going on with the extropian/transhumanist movement, I was surprised and slightly saddened (at first) to find it being tainted with a small dose of mainstream acceptance. Stanford University hosted a ‘Singularity Summit’ in 2006, and they even managed to pull in Douglas Hofstadter to give a talk. You can watch videos of speeches from last year’s Singularity Summit including Hofstadter’s diplomatic and slightly shambling appearance. Love him or hate him, his presence should be a reliable indicator that something interesting, and not 100% whacked out, is going on here.


Pole Are Bare

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I am sure a fuller discussion of the virtues and vices of The Golden Compass: The Movie will be forthcoming on FT soon, but a quick mention must be made of the Golden Compass QUIZZER which we saw afterwards. Fast work from IND:E games and lavish production values but ultimately not a success.

The game involves picking symbols on an alethiometer, causing the compass to point to another symbol, which determines your category.


Fan Fiction For Imaginary Bands

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Doing the rounds on Livejournal over the last couple of days has been the “Wikipedia band meme”, a methodology for creating a fake band and record using random wikipedia articles. I first saw it on Rosie’s journal (her of Popular comments box fame) and since then it’s sprawled all over my LJ friendslist, with more and more detailed descriptions of what these records might actually sound like. Some of the best ones (like Dave Moore’s ironic oi revivalists Fear Of The Daleks) are sadly behind a lock but my very favourite, which has made me larff out loud in the office several times, comes from FT’s own p^nk s lord sukrat etc. and is publically available:

Using a Fairlight, the band here build a classical symphony out of a single cry!”

If that isn’t in the next Da Capo book there’s no justice. (The link also includes, at the bottom, details of how to play yourself).