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9. The Orb – Assassin

Another brilliant transition takes us from Anita’s dying echoes (“Don’t be afraid, it’s just the magic friend, friend, friend, friend…“) into a track that could be its polar opposite.

Why Have The Charts Gone Christmas Crazy?

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Yes yes there is an obvious answer to the question but the specific phenomenon of all the big Christmas hits (and Andy Williams) getting back into the Top 40 still bears closer examination. For instance, why is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” the most successful of these re-entries?

Telling Tales

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The Rock Finger ActingThere is a moment when critics unleash their wrath on a particular film which is akin to bear baiting. Except often the film is not the cinematic equivalent of a bear, and the lashing is completely justified. Two films have been savaged by critics this week. Both, in their own way, deserved it. Though I’m guessing Codename: The Cleaner (because even I didn’t see that) deserved it more thoroughly. Because I’ve seen Southland Tales and whilst it is tawdry, stupid, labyrinthine, pretentious, outdated, second-hand, derivative and did I say stupid – it is also more entertaining than most films I have seen this year. So bad its good? Not quite that simple. So unpredictable that it entertains by virtue of promising little and delivering – er – little BUT a wholly different little to the little you expected.

Firstly its is just one tale. Everything ties together neatly from the neo-Marxists (yeah right) to the liquid karma (some hippy shit) and the time travel. Some reviews have noted the density of ideas. Er, its the guys second film and he is already repeating himself.