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Food Science Links – neverbashfulwithbutter

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Delicious, usually sweet and well photographed foods can be found on this US bakinblog. They earn a link to food science for their Experiments in deliciousness: Bacon chocolate chip cookies with maple cinnamon glaze. OH YES

excellent warming stew

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lee kum keethis is perfect for winter, nice and easy (a variant on all-purpose fish stew)

chicken <– deboned if lazy, and chopped small with scissors, or else with a CHOPPER
sausages <– any cheap type will do; last night was lamb-and-mint as i live in a turkish quarter

2 onions, garlic, tomatoes, big bag of white mushrooms
chillis <— powdered or dried fine, i use fresh scotch bonnet cz they look so nice in the shop, IF THIS USE ONE AT MOST

butter and olive oil, thyme, mixed herbs, bay leaf, saffron if you have it, chicken stock

^^^OPTIONAL BUT AN AWESOME PURCHASE: lee kum kee panda brand oyster flavoured sauce <— this is the best thing EVAH to go with wok-fired chicken, easy to find in vietnamese supermarkets, maybe also chinatown