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30 Days Of Shite Light

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tn2_30_days_of_night_4.jpgThe idea behind Steve Niles comic and the subsequent film is so delicious (vampires in an Alaskan town where the sun doesn’t come up for a month) that it sort of writes itself. The problem is you should never let films write themselves, as celluloid is a rubbish typist and has little grasp of plot and character dynamics. Case in point here is the lead sheriff and his fire marshal ex-wife, all simmering pretend tension, no actual reason for it. But the real problem with 30 Days Of Night is that by basing its concept on a key part of vampire mythos (that vampires can’t go out in the daytime) it then seems to shed far too much unwelcome light on the other shonky vampire facts. Bearing in mind that the town has about 150 inhabitants when the sun goes down, the fact that all but ten or so are massacred in the first night seems a bit of a waste – especially as the draw of the town is loads of FRESH meat. The fact that one person is kept alive as bait for other survivors for twenty days seems unlikely. And considering at the end of the movie when our hero becomes a vampire himself, we discover that he can smell living creatures at a distance, it makes it hugely unlikely that the small band of survivors could hole up in their attic for so long without discovery.



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This month’s Poptimist column is basically a review of the Britney Spears album. I have slightly mixed feelings about it (the column not the album, which is a TOP POP SMASHER) – some of the ideas in the piece are “notational”, I was too harsh on the closing track and the Twin Peaks intro/conclusion doesn’t really do anything, but I think I did justice to the best tracks. It’s also true to say that some of the ideas in here were arrived at through chat on Poptimists, and also through reading reviews by Dave Moore, Frank Kogan etc. So a big thankyou to them!

Since this is my last column of 2007 I thought I’d link to the previous 9 here too, so here they are: