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overgrown doorways

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polarit’s a reflection of the way i read — fast skim and skip x multiple reread — that i catch onto these i think: fragments in a book which exactly transport you to another, not for reasons of “hommage” (a word i dislike: it purports to be cleverly explanatory but precisely isn’t) or transfer of energy or referential density or bigging yrself up or even just quiet self-playfulness necessarily — i mean it’s possibly any of these, but the fragment is so fleeting and the doorway so narrow and easy to miss that it may even be purely unconscious

let’s give some examples:


THE OSMONDS – “Love Me For A Reason”

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#355, 31st August 1974

OsmondzOne of many drunken nights ago in a University bar I got into a vicious competition over Boyzone’s version of this song. My table would put the Boyzone song on the jukebox. Another bunch of drinkers at the next table would reply with Weezer’s “Buddy Holly”. This went through six or seven cycles before we were all threatened with eviction – remarkable patience by the bar staff, considering. Now I’ll admit our first play of the track was probably a tiny bit “ironic”. But as we played it again and again, evolving a complex series of arm-dances to accompany it, and as the drink fogged our brains, irony dissolved into territorial love.