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The Freaky Trigger Top 25 Brands Of All Time Not Just Summer 2006 Which Makes This One All The More Embarrassing No.16: RUSSELL BRAND

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In a move similar to The Freaky Trigger Top 25 Grants, one of our entries is not a Brand like the others. Where the others are marketing heavy representatives of an ethos, structure and mindset behind a product, number 16 is a person. A famous person admittedly, and one whose own recent meteoric rise (and partial fall) was peaking when we created the list. We were also quite drunk.
Ahem. Ballbags


GARY GLITTER – “Always Yours”

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#351, 22nd June 1974

GazGary Glitter is a liability on his own record: “Always Yours” sparks to life each and every time the backing boys yell the title hook, and then the momentum gradually putters away as weak-lunged Garry oohs and aahs and cheeky-boys through the verses. One foot in light entertainment and one in rock’n’roll, the single has pace and punch but ultimately never manages to successfully marry its bovver and brylcreem sides.