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Oct 07

Careless Wispa (the old ones are the best)

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Whilst I am happy that the Wispa is back (it’s chocolate heaven, I ate it an hour ago and I’m still on a lovely bleary fuzzy high – Green & Blacks and Montezuma et al can just… fvck off until they get with the cocoa butter), the Cadburys Wispa microsite is the worst thing ever. I hate all Flash animation ever and it must die. I also mean YOU, Lucky Voice.

Said microsite includes:
1) a feature where you can upload a picture of yourself and it will give you “your 80s throwback look” in case you “weren’t there at the time” (ohgod)
2) 80s “prizes” including a Rubix cube

And there’s more but the Cadburys website is somehow stopping my keyboard from reacting so I’ve had to close it! Resign, internet.

Long Live The UK Music Scene!

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My latest column for Pitchfork looks at tastemaking and consensus in British music. It’s an ambitious column- almost certainly too ambitious, so I’ll use this post to briefly talk about some of the stuff that didn’t get in it and also reply to the criticisms I was making myself in my head while I wrote it.