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Oct 07

PCGM Watch: This is why you can’t get dark chocolate in Switzerland

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Real actual poster for winning party in recent Swiss elections. Where is the political correctness WHEN YOU need it to go mad?


International Jet Set

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Judging by Technorati, responses to this Carl Wilson piece – “The Trouble With Indie Rock” – have mostly focused on his dismantling of Sasha Frere-Jones’ argument about the lack of ‘miscegenation’ in indie rock. Good old Carl, well said that man, I can enjoy my Sufjan records guilt-free now. I guess most of the people who linked it didn’t get to page 2, where Wilson says some stuff which feels to me more challenging and pertinent (if yr an indie fan) than Frere-Jones’ points:


So You Want To Be A Blog N Roll Star?

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Idolator has been having a good deal of snarky fun about the OiNK bust, and it’s been very entertaining to read, but the fast-moving nature of that site means that the most interesting post of the last few days, Jess Harvell’s despairing analysis of the MP3 blogosphere and the nature of the hype it generates, is already off the front page. It’s well worth reading, though (and most of the comments are smart too).

A couple of the commenters on that thread put forward the idea (also seen in PGWP) that the rise of the MP3 blog is a “British-ization” of the traditionally slower American promo and hype cycle, with Pitchfork and Stereogum playing the NME and Melody Maker*. Specific parallels aside, I think there’s a lot of truth to this: it’s a structural shift which even the downfall of something as big as OiNK won’t really slow. Jess’ main point is that the hype cycle is damaging to bands as well as to criticism – new bands barely have time to make an impact before their new fanbase turns on them. There’s definitely truth in this, but I grew up in the UK with a similar level of turnaround and actually being a fan in those kind of hothouse conditions is terrific, weirdly exhilarating.